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Rebecca Gillespie, MA, LMFT


My goal is to create a safe space where everyone can feel heard and validated. 


As a systemically trained therapist, I have experience treating depression, anxiety, grief, relationship problems, and transitional issues with individuals, couples, and families. My extensive knowledge in family therapy allows me to treat not only the individual, but also the entire family of origin, where appropriate.


I have training, extensive professional experience, and a strong passion for working with the LGBTQ+ community. Challenges for these individuals & families can be far reaching, and it is my goal to offer a space to explore and navigate them. 


I have also worked a great deal with adolescents, both individually and with their families. Adolescence can be a challenging time for families and I believe in creating an open environment for encouraging both communication and the acceptance of needed privacy. 


Additionally, I have a colorful history within the world of the performing arts. I know first-hand the unique demands of a creative career and the impact that it can have on people and their interpersonal relationships. I hope to be able to offer an understanding and educated perspective.

*some insurances accepted


Roxanne Ruiz-Adams, DSW, LCSW


I firmly believe that life is easier lived when lived in relationship.  In relationship, we can receive support, understanding, growth, and acceptance, making difficult life experiences much more bearable. We find and make relationships in so many domains; at home, with friends, in communities, and even with a therapist.  That is why I think finding a therapist you feel safe with is so important.  


In my years of experience, both in private practice and medical oncology, I have worked with individuals, couples, and families as they face change. 
Everyone experiences change in so many categories, a growing family, 

unmet expectations, a surprise medical condition, emigrating from a different country, the loss of a loved one, and the list goes on. 


With individuals, I work on helping you develop healthy coping tools to help you face and feel difficult emotions needed for personal growth.  My trauma-informed approach lets you go at your own pace with steady support and understanding. Together we identify the challenges that stand in your way of a happier life.  

With couples and families, I work on helping you all identify the patterns and culprits of your unhappiness, and build the necessary communication tools to understand each other while developing new ways of interacting with one another. In this kind of therapy, the focus of the therapy is strengthening the already existing relationships built, by fortifying your bonds to endure individual change and growth. 

It is an honor to provide a space for you, and your loved ones, to explore your feelings, fears, challenges and best of all--build a relationship. 

*some insurances accepted


Carla Vitola, MA, LMFT


As a therapist, I believe you are the expert of your own life and I offer a safe and nonjudgmental environment to help you explore it. I also believe the hardest step can be acknowledging that we all need a little help sometimes to express our feelings and develop more productive behaviors. I can help you identify the patterns that keep you stuck in negative opinions of yourself and unsatisfactory relationships.

Therapy is not "one size fits all”. I combine various techniques and listen to specific needs to inform my work with individuals, couples, and families. I also believe relationships are essential to mental health and often encourage family involvement to promote healing and change.

I work with individuals, couples and families struggling with various stages of life, adjustment related issues, LGBTQ+ related issues, domestic violence, depression, anxiety, trauma, sexual assault, addiction, and relationship problems. It is a privilege to be in a profession that provides positive change and transformation. It is a personal goal of mine to always meet my clients with a balance of empathy, challenge, and honesty. It would be a pleasure to work alongside you, your relationship, or your family.

Tara Benigno.jpg

Tara Benigno, MSW, LSW

Therapy can be a truly transformative process. I feel passionate about connecting people with their needs, and I meet my clients where they are with warmth, empathy and understanding. We are all deeply affected by how we experience our surroundings, and how we create our individual narratives. I take a systems approach to identify those stories, and help my clients to reshape the way they view situations to gain alternative perspectives. I am structurally trained and observe each individual as part of a greater whole, whether it be a couple, a family, or in society. 


I have a therapeutic background with adult individuals, couples, families and adolescents. Integrating different approaches, I meet with my clients to process challenges such as anxiety, depression, trauma, sexual assault, addiction, LGBTQ related issues, domestic violence and various life transitions.


I am so grateful to be a part of this exploratory work. Together, I promise to honor your past, focus on your present, and connect you to your truest intentions. 

Practicing under LCSW Supervision

IMG_2757 - Dennise Reyes.jpg

Dennise Reyes, MS, LAMFT

To me, therapy is about having a safe space to explore the person you want to become in a place free of judgment. I believe that you have the tools to help yourself and need a little self-exploration to know how to use them properly in a way that can better your life. It is within this space that change can exist and be possible. As a systemic family therapist, the relationships we surround ourselves with play a role in how we develop and learn how to cope with the trauma or severe life stressors that may arise in life. In therapy, I utilize the relationships you have with others as a tool to help you explore your experiences in a place of intimacy and safety.


In my experience of working with children, adolescents, adults, couples, and families, I assist my clients in empowering and discovering healthy versions of themselves while strengthening their relationships with loved ones. As a bilingual Spanish speaking therapist, I have worked with families who need extra support in navigating the generational gap between parent and children and processing their identities and challenges within a new culture different from the one they were born into. I have a experience working with a variety of presenting problems, such as anxiety, boundary issues, depression, suicide/self-harm, domestic violence, sexual assault, relationship problems parent/children issues, LGBTQ related issues, and transitions within the life cycle. Within these problems, there is a voice waiting to be heard and strengthened. In this place of exploration, I look forward to assisting you in finding those possibilities within yourself.

Practicing under LMFT Supervision


Stephanie Koeller, MS, LAMFT

Human relationships are an essential part of life, so I see family therapy as more than just a theory of therapy. I believe that people are more fulfilled, supported, motivated, and likely to grow when they are in relation to others and his, her, or their self. Relationships are at the crux of almost all human interactions, whether it be in the workplace, between friends and family members, or developing a deeper sense of self. Therefore, I believe it is crucial to feel a sense of safety in each relationship.

My goal in therapy is to help individuals, couples, and families feel safe in their interpersonal and introspective relationships. I aim to creative an inclusive environment that allows for the safe exploration of intimacy and overall well-being of these relationships. I like to help identify patterns that have been maladaptive to the individual, couple, or family, in favor of creating new patterns and boundaries that feel safer and productive for these individuals.

I have a passion for working with a wide array of presenting problems, with the understanding that the therapeutic process is different for each person I see. I consider myself a creative person, and often allow my creativity to come to light in session because it is my responsibility to tailor treatment to the individual, couple, or family. I am grateful for the opportunity to create a new narrative with you in session.

Practicing under LMFT Supervision

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Michelle Cerro, MA, LAMFT

My goal as a therapist is to provide a warm, honest, compassionate, and safe environment to meet each individual where they are and empower them to be the best version of themselves.


In my work with teens, I like to create a safe and comforting space where they can begin to understand how their emotional body works, how to express what they feel, need, and want, and how to distinguish between overwhelming feelings that need to be worked through (coping skills) and problems that need action to be taken. I help teens with relationships at home, with friends, and the school system and support a growth environment where feelings are signals that may need to be tended to. When problems need to be solved, I help teens voice these to their parents, and through some family sessions we can support and empower teens to grow through challenges.


For adults and couples, I work with them in developing healthy boundaries in relationships and improving skills that are needed to find balance in daily routines. I help them as they face obstacles while moving through their various life stages, and effectively deal with issues and unique factors that pertain to each person. Thoughts, behaviors, and emotions are explored in a judgement free environment to help alter patterns that keep us stuck. With couples, communication skills are always a goal to work towards. By gaining a deeper understanding of oneself, and your partner, needs and wants can be effectively communicated and incorporated into daily life.

Practicing under LMFT Supervision